Angry Parents – Anger and Child Discipline

Often their parents are at logger heads with each other about discipline problems of children and their techniques and strategies to address them.

Parents discuss the pros and cons of child discipline – a parent just wants to beat the other believes that family discussions about what is needed. A parent chooses to deny their children a beloved toy, the other thinks and believes that cuddling Molly much more serious are the steps necessary to prevent chaos in their household.

If theThe parents themselves are in disagreement on how discipline is handled, not to bring children for two minutes, a very keen to treat the problem.

Children can and do not assume pitting parents against each other, especially if they are punished for their unacceptable behavior, while their parents fight it out feel the background.

This scenario is not as rare as you think!

They often deal about dealing with anger management required -The children, issues that anger have the budget mess.

Angry parents

Often the anger of the parents moved their children. It 's easier sort of "Blow Your Top" on your child's behavior so that your problem is anger.

Anger can also be projected to any other site owned and understood. This is especially true when the parents have difficulties in their relationship and the child is the scapegoat for the parents of the problems inchild's behavior or combustible anger among their parents and using the situation to attack.

Parents with anger can also be noted that the crimes their younger son of a volcano sparks in them, which escalates from no relationship to behavior.

There are many different ways of dealing with anger –

* Identify it – what – one covering

* Talking with a trusted person

* Recognition of the injury and underlying sadness

*Think of it as an energy that can be released

* Yell out, or scream or Shout It Out, in a safe situation.

* Recognize that you and your baby.

Case History

(Name changed for privacy)

John and Jane came with their ten year old son, Stephan, a program of anger management speak for him.

When I asked Stephen to tell me what was the reason for his anger and rage he thought to surprise her parents immediately, declaring: "AngryParents! "

He explained that when he got angry enough, they would have their anger on them, and he got out often for free.

Then he said that he would actually feel better and if they have worked well, both with each other and for him.

The parents were ashamed surprised to discover that their child really appreciate a bit 'strong, robust, and secure borders, as he informed them that she felt too young to know the right answer allTime!

advice to other parents of Stephen was his stop, which is about to do it and you!

Stephen wrote his anger management program for children and it seemed like that.

* Let's talk about it.

* Respect each other and I

* No screaming

* Speak at a time

* No annoying

* Give me options

* Make a decision

* Do something

After reading this list, John and Jane has learned more about their behavior asas Stephen.

With an eye on the list of Stephen, it is not difficult to see that he denies his parents about him (especially in his hearing) and will not yell at each other, not listening and doing nothing to change that.

They learn to apply positive discipline together.

Some techniques to discipline children

Be direct, clear, firm and consistent in your approach

Develop a list of episodes and keep them

Hold a family conferenceand an explanation for the change in your style of discipline from now on.

Do not nag, persuade or manipulate

Model the behavior you want to see.

Praise and reward positive behavior

Apologize for your mistakes and teach your children, how to say that mercy.

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