Parent-child bond

One of the most important sectors, many adults seem to overlook is the natural bond between parents and children, which should take place between a parent and / or father and their children, this can backfire seriously later in life. Studies show children with a strong emotional bond with their parents much less likely to end the drug and / or commit crimes later in life to take.

Have you heard this: "Wow, the spoiled child that gets everything he wants and if he does, he throws a tantrum .."This is often followed by, 'Oh, you're too sweet love dovey with him and he armed to you. "

Do not worry, it's impossible to give a child too much love!

It 's true child-hood is the first time, a child goes through when he or she "spoiled" a little'. At this point the life of a child, it is easier for a mother to give to the claims in a child, just so there's no need to subject them to launch an attack!

As parents, you must be consistentTheir discipline and you have extreme patience in the display is organized in a loving home so the child can feel safe, it is easier said than done, and even more difficult as children grow up!

From the outside, to express love for your child, while maintaining a solid structure and rules at home, you really are what your child the best of both worlds, love is a primitive emotions, none of us can do without rules and lead to know and respect the laws and customs Suncan function successfully in society.

Form a bond with the children will grow up to them and be successful in many aspects of their lives. The results show that children want to disappoint or hurt their parents, and are consistently good, right decisions, because they have a high degree of self-esteem.

While parent-child bond, the biggest key to preventing the deterioration of the child is outward expression of your love for them, with empathy and understanding,and remains constant and fixed, while the specification.

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