Parent-child relationships

One of the best gift we can give our children as parents is to not only provide them with shelter, food and other material things, but a warm and loving environment. Only the other things that it takes a lot of patience, work and effort. As parents, this is one of our hard work, maintaining a good relationship with our children makes it through all periods of their education.

One of the many responsibilities of parents is to spend precious time with their children. It is often overlookedcommitted by parents due to some work and do other things. Parents often forget that there are children who are waiting for your attention.

During the years of the child, children develop a real relationship with his mother. In most cases, the loving mother, comforting warm and secure in his life, the giver of rewards and discipline of its business. As a parent, is a priority to keep the food nice because it offers the opportunity for a pleasantExchange between parents and children. This interaction is an important part of a healthy relationship. Also during this period, the father must spend so much time with his son or daughter as much as possible so that the child begins to recognize the difference between his relationship with his mother and father.

In my case, I see that my man a good time with my daughter have. Often move together and tell their favorite stories together and sing a song and other funInteresting activities after hours and on weekends. This will strengthen their relationship as father and son.

Unfortunately, there are some cases that the Father can not spend enough time with his family because the needs of the business can. No matter what, a father can give valuable time with his children. There are many activities that can take the whole family. Bring your kids with you having a picnic in cycling, swimming, hiking andFishing and taking a vacation with your children. These activities can be great fun not only for your children and for the whole family. Spending more time with family is a must.

Today, most parents have no time for their children. Do not have time for their children. They give all their children, but never himself. Always remember that a precious gift from a father or a mother can give to their children, their time. A personal investment inYour child is more important than any gadget, toy or electronic device. a child's development is closely linked to the relationship they have for both parents.

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