Why parents should keep children before marriage Put

We live in one, now love, sex and intimacy are too many people seem to be the embodiment of happiness. Yes, we are looking for other ways to happiness and fulfillment, but the divorce rate and the percentage of single parent families compared to families with two parents tell me that parents are less important to parents as to marriage, or not informed about the search for effects of divorce on children. Parents who leave an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children are notThe possession of all the facts or are out of place in their belief that divorce is in the best interests of children. The best wisdom says that out there, the children of divorce suffer more than children of unhappy marriages.

Here are 7 reasons why parents should be parents before marriage are made.

1. Children need both parents more than they need a perfect home

The influence of a parent is male and female for the development of a child should not be underestimated. A good mother to bring sanityCare, an issue of protection and comfort in the life of a child, while a father brings his child to stability, security and strength. Mothers are more emotional, more rational fathers. Mothers tend to be more understanding, more fathers crucial. A good mother mourning her son's shoulder tender, and a good father can show his children how to get up and move on.

Of course even a good mother to all these qualities and shares the responsibility for providing their child withall their needs. But it is the nature of a male parent with a child to give answers and solutions and direction, while there are more, which is secured to be a female parent in a child's emotional well-being and a good listener, without giving the feeling of the need for its child is a logical solution to their problem.

After a male and female parent teaches a child in the house, as you explore and develop both male and female aspects of their character. Init is a healthy and balanced presence of adult male and female characteristics. In women, the results are usually more women and men, more masculine. If a child the best chance to emotional stability, then two parents are needed each day to development. Even the slightest change in the budget adversely affect the child's intellectual and emotional development.

2. A child has the right to be raised by both parents

Marriage is a choice, the twoPeople make for themselves. It 's rare for a selfless act or altruistic. People get married because they found someone who brings happiness and life satisfaction. Of course there is the promise to live the happy person. Although the phrase "for better or for worse" is still often said in marriage vows ever see those promises are broken down as married couples, is a promise that they are unable or unwilling to maintain.

However, if a child is born inThe marriage, the rights that go far beyond the needs of parents. Although some desire fulfilled in their personal relationship to be, a child has the right to two loving care, caring parenting: Parents who place the interests of their children before them.

Parents rarely a commitment to their children when they were born, but children should expect that their parents do everything possible to find a stable, loving home, wheregrow and develop. In a good parent, the rights and needs of their children are always the first of their costs, regardless of the cost to himself.

3. A parent has a moral obligation – is not an option

There's never a time to live as long as a parent and a child if they are not connected. Though alienated, a parent will always be parents to their children. There is no divorce a child. E 'to say no to a child: "I'm sorry, I do not love you anymore, this is simply not goingto work. "But if the parents say to each other, they say, to some extent, their child is not -. Parents can use a ride on the divorce, saying the child's best for you in the long term "but. The truth is found a child's perspective is, you do not love me enough to stay together and make your marriage work." – even if only subconsciously, if some say "I'm glad that my parents separated – I was able to not bear the screams' What would they say if their parents had founda way to work at marriage, in order to maintain the family home together? Or are they even aware had the impact that growing up in a broken home you?

The love between husband and wife can be reduced or even eliminated, but the love of a good father and still is unconditional. A marriage can be dissolved and articulation, but love a good father to your child never to be removed and their commitment to their son will never be compromised or broken. L 'Requirement that a parent is not their child a choice on the basis that is based on a moral obligation. It would be even better if it were based on unconditional love. What lengths would go to a good mother to her child might be the best training, if I loved her more than himself?

4. A child deserves and expects

During their formative years, as the children to point to both parents that they are committed. They should realize thatare loved and know that their home is stable and secure. You should know that no matter what storms, the family will be together to address the foundations of the family home without shaking. Children need assurance that the love parents have for them is their own personal happiness – which is actually before their love for each other. If a parent of a child in their interests, that will make your child feel loved and at the second rank. The child beginsto doubt their own worth and their value to the parent. After all, what kind of love according to someone else?

If a child is unconditional and eternal love of a parent deserves then who? Children are vulnerable and need protection. Parents have a responsibility to their children the best parents can, what are the costs of its own. A child does not have to draw on reserves to cover the emotional loss of growing up in a broken home. Parents, onOn the other hand, should be willing to borrow in emotional when they ensure that their children do not grow up poor or emotionally paralyzed.

5. Spouses to each other too much to expect, but children do not expect too much from their parents.

Marriages are not perfect, nor the father-son relationship. But a child with the understanding, deployment, support, affection and security more than one spouse. After all, if two people marry, give ato love and to provide support for the needs of others. If a child is born, there is no such agreement. A child grows simply wait until all its member. If a person fails to maintain a marriage, its part of the agreement, the other has the right to withdraw their share of the contract. Very often, when love has for each other depends on what you 'get' termination of the relationship, if not 'always' then the' love. This only works in a waywith a father-son relationship.

If a child fails a perfect child, a parent can not abandon or withdraw their love from them. The child must be provided, or the right to be loved unconditionally. Children owe their parents anything, but the parents owe their children everything. If a child is a parent who wants to be loved love, parents to love their children to go yet. The child has to pay any debt of love for parents. But if a father loves hisChild unconditionally, the child will grow to love their parents. If a parent does not love you more than your child, the child will withdraw from motherboard to a more or less.

Even when parents fail their children well to some extent, expectations of a child whose parents are always right – even if not realistic. Good parents will always understand that they are not married to their child – are inextricably linked and committed to their son andthat a child with a birth right of unconditional love and commitment of parents, regardless of how a child lives or their parents are inclined to wait their expectations.

6. A broken home, broken in a child

Somewhere along the way, if a child is brought by a parent or two parents who live apart, something lost when the child or not. With two parents who could not be together, so that they have a permanent establishment of anegative impact on a child. It can only develop later in life, but someone from a dysfunctional home, it can be difficult to make a strong emotional connection with others. Statistics show that people are less successful in single-parent families in life – even years later – those from families with both parents.

While parents may claim to have divided the good of the child, in reality, it is rare that a divorce always benefits a child. Growing up in a home where parents areseparated or are in constant disagreement over the stability and normalcy as child growth, in which they are dealing with the loss of two-parent home. A child grows up in a broken family growing mourning the house remained, where both parents are on a daily basis, provide them with the important moral support, emotional and intellectual development and for their nutrition. The best education can not be made by phone or on weekends. The best education is madedaily collaboration with the other parent. No matter how parents try to justify the divorce is almost always result in a broken child.

7. parents in the first place can save a marriage

Children should never leave it as an excuse to have a wedding, but the reason why a parent should stay in a marriage. The difference is that when a parent knows that their children have a stable home, loving and quiet, grow in them is the beststart in life can give them the determination they need to heal their marriage if they had a parent not to work. Although it does not leave a marriage of a child is a way of thinking, which can result in a parent too much responsibility for their child to their personal happiness.

If the parents can take proactive steps to marry as possible, that their child is at home they deserve, they discover that their marriage is less of a disappointment.Focus on the needs of their child and the solution to their relationship for the sake of their children's work does not necessarily mean that marriage is a marriage of convenience or wrong. Moves only the priority of marriage. Nor does it mean that the child has the burden of leadership of marriage together. It only takes a level to give the child that parents want to take any other substitute. Provide a child with a good home is one of the best reasons can accommodate two peopletogether.

Who says romance or sex or a great social life are the only reason to marry? Surely a child has a loving home is good but a better reason to work in a marriage of all the others put together? The result of the work on the marriage does not prevent the pain of separation from parents would be a permanent and large investments that make for the welfare and personal development of their children. If their parents canChildren at the heart of their ambitions and desires, you can find a way to not do otherwise, to save her marriage is possible and as comfortable as possible, and therefore their child with the parents and the house they earn.


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