Who is the parent of You or your child?

It 's very exciting when I can now see some parents who say their child or children (parents) what they want or what they are. Or what does not. Let your child tell you what to do now? I'm old school. Back in the day when I told my parents I wanted to do and I wanted to do the detail I would have hit in the face and in my place as a child. Yes, it is necessary for today's children have a sayso in his work today. But for the same reason, you as parents, molding and casting management must be the life of your child. Until the child begins to help take care of the house, including but not limited to, where some of the invoices, purchases, buy their clothes, etc., all decisions of a parent company, the best for your child or children . There are some things, of course, you let your child may decide at some point. What if they want a gamespecific sport or participate in other extracurricular activities.

Some parents today want their children to be friends. This must be a certain degree in order, there are certain limits, and a time and place of a friend of your son. For example, say that they were both a joke in a shop or a place of recreation. But then, if the parents' decisions need to be addressed, so I do not see your child in a decision that it is your responsibility as a parent. As a parent you want todayBe sure to take control of your child's life until they reach the age of majority, which in some countries to achieve 18 or 19 years (Consult state to be exact).

The reason for this is when the child reaches a certain age are constantly tell you all the time, what they do or what not to do, and you might be intimidated by your child. You do not know that your task is to design a parent and child to form a self-image splitthemselves. We hope that your looks and your attitude is what it is warm, welcoming and friendly. Your children will imitate your behavior. So if they see you are considerate and kind will do the same. But when they see you clown and act a fool, believe me, you imitate.

I know we have all these laws, custody of children of their rights. That is nice, but as long as you are providing the necessary for your child or children will not be intimidated bythe judiciary. Learn the system to your advantage and benefit of your children.

Who is the parent of You or your child?

Your child or children are good for you and not a liability. Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of thy womb a reward. Psalm 127:3. You are using their rights and duties of parents to enroll to receive tips on life in general, and I can help with your struggle concern of parents.
Copyright © 2007 A. ClarkThomas

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