As a parent the other parent is undermining in divorce

Most of the time a mother or father did not realize what they are doing. The effect on the escape of children. It is usually experienced by the child as stress, tension, anxiety, guilt and depression. Children may hide or live. Mom or Dad normally justify.

What is it? "On the moderate side, is undermining the other parent and can lead to alienation. While some parents even undermine, undermines one parent to another, either intentionally or not, aParents send a message that a positive relationship with the other parent is not so important.

How does this happen? Sometimes, not so much of what a parent says, but how he feels when he or she says. You may be concerned about the welfare of his child when interviewing the child about the other parent, however, take the child to your concerns, as if the child is in a bad situation. The comments below show the child that something bad is about the other parent.Perhaps the comments are an exaggeration of mom or dad's fault. Mom or Dad's natural desire to protect a child may suggest ways for the child with the situation as "terrible" to manage, and may also question the adequacy of time spent with parents.

The next step towards a weakening of the parental relationship would have the power to determine whether a child in the family relationship should be given. While most parents would not hesitate to do something for her babythey need to do to build a working relationship with the other parent can be viewed as optional. For a child, however, to move from a relationship with mom or dad, and do not have a relationship with embarrassing choice. Even if children can mom or dad and protest as a parent complain, she deeply in the rule that a good relationship with both parents. If a parent or protest, but can see the child, is a way to connect with the "best" parents,and the other parent can lose.

The more the child avoids the "problem" parents easier for parents is to avoid the 'problem'. Plus the baby gets the approval and attention from the parent "better." Increasingly, developed a powerful cycle.

The child can idealize a parent and you devaluation of others to respond. Or the child complaints are listed, and some of them are trivial or false. The symptoms sound like do not reflect the true feelings of the child, or there islittle ambivalence. Children may be denied the hope of reconciliation.

The children, which undermines one of the parents learn to load, you can not have a good relationship with both parents. The other parent may be regarded by the child, but inadvertently reinforce the negative perception. Or the other parent "push" the new report reinforced negative perceptions. Also, Mom and Dad react to any interference with the other parent to undermine, and thenunderestimated the effect on children. Both parents eventually have a problem with intuition in their contribution.

The effect on children may include changes of views, as the child's world, lowered self-esteem, loss of self-confidence, of future conflicts, problems with attention disorders, depression and / or fear of the future revealed dependence and other effects through research. Unfortunately, children identify with the negative aspects of both parents. But often, the better the relationship with aHis parents, improve the relationship with the other parent.

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