Child Custody – Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about housing, along with their answers. Housing laws vary from state to state, it is important to seek the advice of an attorney if you have special problems.

D. What is the process of care?

A. In custody proceedings, the name of a legal dispute, custody, adoption, child protection, termination of parental rights, guardianship, and / or placing your child is described. The term "custody"refers to the obligations and rights of a parent to your child.

Q. It 's always awarded custody to the mother?

A. the mother may be granted custody to the father or both parents (joint custody). Hopefully, an agreement between the parents custody and visiting rights are made, but if not, the court can determine who has custody of the child.

Q: How do they decide who has custody?

A. The most important factor in deciding custody is to determine whatBest for the child. State rules vary, but in most cases it's best for the child frequent contact with both parents – and a parent who is ready, it is likely that this is to satisfy the custodial parent.

D. Cos' is a joint custody agreement?

Joint custody (where both parents have rights and responsibilities for the child, no matter where you live), it gives both parents the right to education of the child's influence. In the case of commonCustody of the child can live with one parent and visit on weekends. The child can also spend equal time living with each parent, moved back and forth between them on a regular basis. Sometimes, even if custody is shared, the child lives with one parent, and just visit the other.

If the parents can work very well together in the best interest of the child, joint custody can be a good solution for everyone involved. CityHousing can be problematic if the parents have an acrimonious relationship.

D. What if parents do not agree to a contract on behalf of custody?

A. If parents are unable to agree on custody and access times that require most states to participate in court ordered mediation to resolve the matter. In mediation, a third of parents to help reach an agreement and, once approved, confirmed the terms by court order.

If the parentsor unwilling to reach agreement in mediation, then right to custody and access can be determined by the court. The test will be presented by both parties and the court will decide who has custody will be awarded. Custody proceedings can be expensive, so parents are encouraged to work things together, or the first in the mediation.

Question: Can my child decide who they want to live?

R. The answer depends on where you live. Some but not all States should take the preference of your childConsideration in determining custody. Where permitted by law, the child may explain her preference and the reason for the preference of a judge. The court can then use this information as a factor in custody. While this information can help to influence the custody case, the final decision based on what is to be delivered in the best interest of the child.

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