Exploring Child Harnesses – Types of connectors Involuntary Child

Types of connectors Involuntary Child

What kind of child unintentional plugs do you use? (You will be surprised …)

It's about finding people in your neighborhood, with the voice against the use of child soldiers, dishes, linens and towels as inhuman or degrading treatment. What many of them do not realize that a large number of them are even more restrictive means of connection and control to use the movements of their children.

Baby Carriers

There is aNumber of child support. There are slings, baby carriers, backpacks, packages and Papoose backpack carriers, to name a few. These tend to be the first carrier, which are often used for small children, before they can go. Moreover, it happens to be the most restrictive institution, how to connect physically to the child, parents with a lot of physical contact and little freedom of movement.


Believe it or not, hikers are unwitting aid of fasteners for a child to an adult. L 'For children on the seat of a cycle of three or five point harness to them, while the parent pushing the stroller to take complete control of where and when the travel takes place. The child has only a small part of the stroller seat to wobble around, but not much personal freedom. stroller bassinet can be used for infants, children lie stroller can be a little bigger stroller line, would be used when a child can sit alone, children, etc. who are old enough to walk are occasionallyin a wheelchair for a long walk or jog (think buggy) when taken otherwise not be able to walk without the need to be made. They also often used in settings such as museums or galleries to keep a child comfortable and can be included.

Keep hands

Holding the hand of a child may be more or less restrictive, depending on the parent company, holding hands, and the situation. It can be a sweet hand free to serve more as a guide for the child orcan be a company director of restriction analysis. This gives the child the freedom to travel on their own feet, but sometimes a pain in the back of their parents, depending on the height difference between parent and child, and can cause stress to arm parents and children.

Leading string

Leading strings attached sewn directly into clothing, an invention of the 17th Century in the Netherlands to help children learn to walk without falling and she in his brief tenure. Aarticle today, is that the functions in a similar way "walking wings". This gives rise to a child of freedom on the ground and a small selection of freedom, offers a two-handled, after their parents or guardians a relatively high level of safety to prevent falls.

Body Harness

A harness fits like a vest or belt attachment Crossing on a child's upper body, which then connected to a parent via a pipe line connection or a belt. The child can walk or play onSoil, but merely to stay within the connection distance from the parent plant. How is the connection between the belt and the belt is usually on the back of the child is, there are few opportunities for children in a harness that can separate. A seat belt is not usually prevent a fall baby, but prevent children from falling. An example application would be on the sidewalk along a busy road. A beautiful adaptation of this harness is a backpackthe shape of an animal, then gets a "piggy back" by the child. The tail of the animal is the common band in disguise.

Fanny Pack / ribbon connector

This article consists of a belt that fits around the waist of a child, which is then connected to a parent of a belt connecting door. An alternative approach to this is a kangaroo with a baby like a belt is to save money, but are connected in a position of personal items that still happens to be an adult from a cycle. Since the child is related tolife, it gives a bit 'of freedom than with a harness, which is linked to a child for life behind. Again, there is a fixed amount of freedom to explore the length of the base link. This device is unlikely to prevent falls, when a child loses his balance.

Bracelet / cable connector

This is a simple belt that a child puts the wrist at one end and an adult on the other side. A recent variant of this product is a wristwatch-lookingVelcro, that the child's wrist and a similar looking, the extent to which a measure of adult wrist. Each has a rope with a hook section of variable length, for connection between the two. The "length of freedom" granted to the child is a combination of belt length rope, the length of the boy's arm and to a certain extent, the length of the arm of the adult. This is also a greater degree of freedom, which tend to be easier to remove from a child canthemselves.

The list above shows, there are a variety of ways in which a child may be joined involuntarily to an adult. The list is the most restrictive of those taken to a minimum. As already mentioned, is always used for something else in various security settings. In general, the more freedom, allows the security provided less. Some may have been surprised that recognize a child carrier and stroller in the same class of involuntary connectionssuch as plates, sheets and towels. Do you?

My next article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using the types of attacks waistline ports child inadvertently. Please stay tuned, you can have fun ….

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