Families and children

Family law in relation to children varies massively depending on the relationship with their parents'. When parents separate, their commitment to their children could be vastly different, depending on whether they were or married. Parents who are both married usually have significant contact with a child, while the father's rights are much lower if they were not. The law considers married and unmarried is very different.

If a married couple with children divorce, arelegally and to ensure full involvement in their children's lives and decisions that have the right to study. The absent parent is an automatic right to know where their lives and see the child regularly. He / she is legally entitled to certain information such as school and medical records. These factors are the child allowance, which means they have the advantage with both parents.

If separated parents were not married, the mother is automaticallyparental responsibility. This means that the rights of the father are not the same as his father married. He can not prevent her child, because the surname of his mother, even if he / she had before her surname. The father is not to take his child abroad on holiday, and has no say in the religion of the child or the school. If, in fact, he could not have a say in the child's life what so ever. He does not even have an automatic right to look after her baby if the mother dies the child. father are marriedsimilar step-father, even if the biological father to be treated.

Of course there are exceptions to these general rules. The law on unmarried father has on children aged 1 Born in December 2003, as amended. If the father's name appears on the birth certificate and her baby is born after that date, he has the same rights as a father already married. But the law for children born before that date remains the same.

There are exceptionalCases in which a divorced father is not their normal fees. These are cases where it is considered in the child that her father not as active, or not included, as are all. Meanwhile, there are ways in which his father, a greater involvement unmarried request. The consent of the child's mother is the most obvious and most mothers are to have an active role in his father happy. However, if the mother is in agreement can be verydifficult for the father. You could then go to the execution of a court order the mother permission to access Resort.

Many are surprised at the lack of rights of unwed fathers have heard of. The good news for the father, who will be in this position in the future, is that the law was amended in December 2003. But the difficulties of the father are the children born before this is still the same as they always were. The reason given for both parentsinvolved in the future of their child, whether married before, which serves the interests of the child. Surely then this should also apply to the unmarried father "to apply.

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