Parental guidance and training of child

Times were hard for so many people in recent months, mainly because gasoline prices have to rise further.

Even if you do not own a car, the crisis has affected all families in the United States. The trip to the supermarket is a real challenge for people who live paycheck to paycheck. It seems that every trip to the grocery store as the higher prices.

I feel heart sank when I witness young families who find themselves at the box officeSelection Christianity that they leave behind because of lack of money. I'm going to need their attention, the desire to have good food for her family, but end up buying only what is necessary to survive. Food, fill the belly, but neglected nutrition is essential for a healthy diet.

We can not know Him endured the despair of the people of the Great Depression in the 1930s, we can imagine. However, I wonder if the depression would now be much more tragic.

In1930 families, for the most part, knew how to live from agriculture. Many of them had gardens for vegetables, meat animals, chickens for eggs, and some may hunt and kill wild animals to supplement their diet.

Families in 1930 to understand how the food to be what you are obsessed. The children knew that the food to eat on the table to not be put to waste it was. No one asks for something else. They all ate the same menu, same for the boiler. They eat what is before them and weregrateful for what they had.

Even when times were hard, the family sat together at the table as a family. They shared good table manners, and when it was served to them, he ate it.

After meals, the family shared the clearing and washing dishes. And in most cases the mother was blessed, while the other boys had the task of cleaning the kitchen.

After that, the family are in a family room that knows what has been the residence hall or gallery.The people did not cave in those days. Only the elite had indoor toilets. Everything was moving as a white bathroom, with a way of knowing, or better known as a latrine. And the Sears & Robuck was a real product. Many have not been so lucky.

Each family had its own method of hygiene in the annexe. And I would add, some were really creative. Maybe in a future letter I will say further.

The annexe has come with its own obstacles. In summer,always had to find a wasp nest, or a yellow jacket nests. It was not uncommon for the need to remove the first layer of cob small box, which normally maintains two-seater or two holes could still do. But the true horror of the face had come to pass with the face of the serpent. Geeze, I just heard a quote from one shudder.

Many families then, used wood to heat their homes and even to cook their meals. What does the water from a well or pump. There waswithout electricity, refrigerator, or things we take for granted. And television, dishwasher, computer, washer and dryer just a dream for most people they knew did not exist. But most people have no idea that this is a day in almost every family in America.

Some people had downloaded an old battery radio. However, they could only do end up at certain times of the day. This was due to the fact that AM radio stations were banned. E 'many years ago would have been the favorite FM function would become well known. Now we have iPods, cell phones and more. The phone is in the homes of privileged citizens.

Now our world in the new millennium. It 's the dream of many to improve our lifestyle. And that has got to be a reality. The average American family now has the luxury life, even if the majority of people, the fact would be discussed.

But when one reflects on the difficulties of the thirty and compare. Youshould accept that life is much easier for the average family.

Life is better? This is a controversial issue. And I would say that this is a matter of opinion.

Would you be willing to give of themselves, like the people during the Great Depression?

Well, I have tried to compare the differences, and I must say with very mixed feelings.

We have so many to choose foods at the supermarket, but they are full of preservatives that mayhinder our health. Moreover, from shipping, storage, preservation, and, of course, farmers in the preparation of vegetables, fruit, and God knows what else.

Then the farmer at the expense of the collection of plants, then plants reach the market.
Then, the packaging companies need to prepare the transport of goods, yet another cost. However, each of them are employees or job opportunities for the average citizen to work, but each adds faze the final cost. Who pays forReally?
Everyone does, even the farmer.

Both parents must now work outside the home, to live our lifestyle of luxury. Families are separated from birth to adulthood. Children are brought up by someone trying to survive in the new life of opulence is, or is it? The new laws of our country were all afraid to discipline the child and the child will learn the hard way. And the hard times how many end up behind bars.

Now I ask you what is wrong with this picture?We are afraid to strike for our children, for fear of censure by the authorities. The child is left to do wrong, the parent is angry, the audience looks ridiculous, and I was wondering where is the problem?

It 'my opinion that we need our government and the American people, to restore discipline to the parents. I think all parents should be required to attend an orientation course baby, if you expect a child. Then, when it's time for the baby to be born, the newParents must have a certificate of completion for a course of education and educational counseling before the insurance will cover the supply is available.

This option also families, government support can be obtained. If parents in child education and orientation courses, then risk the possibility of losing state funding.

E 'imperative that people get a good education and educational counseling to be educated, because the disciplinary rulesreally improved since the day "at school and spoil the child."

It 's a proven fact that time-out, if administered properly, is effective. There is also evidence that a child is two ways for their effective actions.

Two options, you may ask. Yes, two ways.

Give the child an option that you can live with giving them a way out of the situation that they have invented for themselves. One possibility to improve their behavior. Or give the child the opportunity toThere is no time for their behavior to their parents' expectations are correct. Legitimate expectation, of course! And this is the thinking on education and educational counseling class.

An example of a solution of the above option: Let's say your child does not eat his meal.

The two options, for example, might be:

My dear child, you have a choice. They improve your posture at this moment, gather your best manners and eat your food. You should eat for good health. OrYou can go to time out until you're ready to improve your posture, to show me that you can use good manners, and your food to eat. And you will not snack.

Now the parent has to discipline himself so that the child discipline to be effective. Once a parent, a child given options. Parents need to implement the options. Otherwise, the rules will not be effective. If the child does not eat within an hour. We recommend that you wait until your next meal is servedallowed to eat.

When the next meal is served and will be ready to eat, no doubt. And to skip a meal, the parents do not hurt a child. But it will surely help the parents to be and the baby.

If your child notices that you mean what you say you begin to see a significant change in their attitude. You will see a renewed respect from his son.

Children are not born smart. The parent of a child's intelligence to communicate. GoodFood for the stomach improves the health of the child. adequate framework enhances the personality of a child. A good education and good advice builds a child's intelligence and integrity.

Did you know that a parent can take a normal kid and bad parents, this could mean that parents are a son, delayed or withdrawn so bad that the child is experiencing learning difficulties?

But on the other hand, a parent can effectively provide love, leadership, discipline andLearn the correct instructions for a child with disabilities and improve their ability to learn, so that the child is born and destined to have children with learning difficulties can almost normal? Of course, the child is never to quote, unquote, normal. But they do not live their lives in the dark. This is not always the case, but it is certainly worth the name of a parent.

With these thoughts in my head. Did you know that children who respect you as a parent much more if they are offeredconstructive advice that has been decorated with love and understanding. There is a huge difference in blame and advice.

Orientation opens the possibility for someone to use their minds, to decide the difference between right and wrong. It builds self-esteem, when the leadership is reinforced with praise.
I blame a person feel devalued and may cause a person to become angry, aggressive and even combative. It can destroy self-esteem.

I know this article does notchange the world. But if only to help a family, or even one person, then I feel my time, my feelings and thoughts was to write a good investment.

I wish each of you a good life. And I want to start with thought.It is not money that our wealth, it gives us a luxury. And 'love, understanding, friendship, listening skills, the ability to give advice only when necessary, and to know the good sense of when and how these defects, which allows us to useWorld of wealth. Prosperity for ourselves and the people that we care.

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