Do you want a big family? Make sure your child fits the crime of genocide

Your child has pushed the buttons, and try as you might, finally lost his temper. But the punishment of the crime? His daughter has done nothing really wrong this time, but it was the cumulative effect of all the things he did. You have sent to his room, take off time TV to cancel the play date?

If your child does something wrong and threaten you with a penalty, you must do. Just make sure the punishment fits the crime. IfConsequences do not make sense, will not be in tune with the child. If your child is a child, you will understand the emergency measures. Those penalties could go to bed half an hour to close early, missing a favorite video or skipping dessert that night. Saying she can not go to the birthday of a friend in a week is not an appropriate phrase. It 's too far away and until then you can not even remember why they punished in the first place.

said for the older children, adolescents,There are many electronic devices that can be taken away. But this is not always the best punishment, especially if the child is his cell phone to travel or to know it's too late to be home. Even if the penalty for the crime?

"These days people want the first thing that parents do, take a cell phone, computer or Playstation privileges, but if not good, what did the guy that is not appropriate because it makes no sense and is not a well for Learning,Marlene McDermott suggests, marriage and family therapist at Serenity Counseling in Palmyra, New Jersey.

For example, if the child refuses to get out of bed in the church, the parents is a penalty for the offense to find the form and should be more than just below the phone away. McDermott believes that all privileges should be taken away until the child goes to church. If one day or one week, ie until their privileges should be suspended.

"This is very solidhard, but in my opinion, the privileges, something is out of food, clothing, education, love and affection, "says Marlene. It points out that nobody is forced to use their children to be toys or buying shoes or take top-line them out to dinner. They are all privileges. we have to give our children what they deserve and things from them for things they have done, if all you have is a privilege to move anyway.

She believes the child should onlyallowed to go to school, their sports or other responsibilities, and go home a. "These things are important to the life and commitment, they have and should follow through on," he adds. It is no longer the parents, as the villains, but the child makes the choice of how long it will be its consequence.

Even mobile phones are a privilege, not a necessity, despite safety concerns. There are phones in school, or friend at home and everywhere the child would, if necessary.If you lose your phone, is fifteen other friends who have them. You have computers that use online discussion can get. It 's only means nothing and not be a deterrent.

The consequences should be discussed before an accident occurs, and should be based on age. The older the child, the stiffer the penalty. Children need to know what are their expectations, which is right for them. For example, for every minute the child is past the curfew, areNo mercy for a day.

should mean more dangerous behaviors, parents Marlene consequences to choose the education of children. If your child to drink, for example, is not only a reason to happen, but the child needs to know the dangers of drinking. The penalty could include having to visit the child or volunteer in a drug and alcohol in the center or do research on the effects of drinking.

Be creative and think outside the box. Remember, you are the parents andDiscipline is an important part of your job.

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