The difference between discipline and punishment – and appropriate Productive Child Discipline

There is a difference between discipline and punishment. I think this is critical to understand your true role as a parent. The penalty is not always necessary when the child specification. But when it comes to discipline a child, a son truly effective and appropriate discipline, leadership is always required.

Punishment of a child is not the same as a discipline child. Guidance and modeling their behavior with the desired behavior you want for your child is essential for the production of aName.

You can key in developing the commitment and the search for a genuine link with your child. You just need the right tools and information. Knowledge is the key to the proper perspective, if the connection to everyone, even your child. Remember when you were a child and you have been punished? This is a great starting point. Brings the perspective necessary to the surface of your subconscious.

Things were very different in the past. Of course, this dependsparticular age. The period that you can make a big difference in the standard. Where and how you and your parents informed is very important to survive. All say they are better than their parents if they want to be older. But many of them unwittingly makes precisely this error. You must not do anything.

Child discipline techniques and ways to discipline your son were all more or less the same thing when I was growing up. Sentence was passed, after nearlya birthright. I seemed to be a right of passage than anything else. They were always telling me how easily I did it for them. They also say things like: "If you use the rod spoil the child." I do not believe, and this is how the end to destroy your relationship and build a wedge between parent and child.

Their habitat, the environment and can play an important role in how, or even if you have been punished or disciplined play. AsDiscipline of children in the course of history is a rule (in my opinion primitive) method, all right. The methods of punishing children were the same as the various methods of child discipline. In short, they were ineffective, and the same thing. Punishment meant discipline and discipline means punishment.

These perspectives are simply wrong. They are also very inefficient to buy a real, genuine change in behavior. Well, for some children, have been effective for someDegrees. In most cases, the amount of punishment that children received only expensive treatments later brought into their lives. Sometimes, when they were children. There are child discipline methods currently available that have little or nothing to do with punishment.

There are better ways (no penalty) to get the desired behavior of children, infants and older children alike. There were more than likely not as available as today. This isespecially for the digital age of information. The era of digital information saves time, money and frustration and emotional disturbances. The best for those who benefit from this fast, much healthier and much more effective, tips for the discipline of children.

Save yourself the trouble of making a mistake can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. Our life is much easier, we have not yet been counted, the possibilities, as of yet. It 'really amazing. It would not beforward applications available by computer and the Internet, we would not be in our civilization and education almost as quickly.

You can really benefit from all of the information. There is always someone who wants to help you solve your problems. With the desire you have for your decision, can improve your life change the outcome of enforcement. Want to improve your relationship with your child and you can. The importance of discipline necessary for a child to growwill not be left out.

However, if you are not satisfied with the punishment, it is not necessary to sacrifice the quality of learning self-discipline or self-respect. You do not have to punish, unless your child or the child is or is there another more effectively. In addition, you get much better results in terms of your relationship.

When a child learns discipline, always keep in mind your relationship and influence. Their behavior is up to you. They want to be like you. Watchto you. Use this instead of your authority as an adult. better behavior is acquired through patience and understanding. You know the phrase: "You catch more flies with honey?" Now, in principle and practice, it works.

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