Having a Blast at Your Next Child’s Birthday Party

Would you like to try something distinct this year for your child’s birthday party? If some of the original birthday parties are getting a exiguous stale, reconsider having a birthday party for your child and his/her friends where cooking their food for the party Is the party. Birthday parties don’t have to be games, cake and ice cream every year. Teaching a child how to cook gives you a very rewarding feeling and your children will be equally as proud to show off their new cooking adventures.

Children are constantly learning things every day. There are so many children who are interested in learning how to cook but may not express it openly. Having a child learn the basics of cooking as well as prep work, kitchen safety and distinct food cultures can open up many doors in the culinary world.

Planning a “make and take” your own birthday party is very easy to do. Plainly pick a theme that your child is interested in such as a teen rock star or maybe tea parties or an activity hero. You could also concentrate their interests such as shopping, music or even a treasure hunt theme. After you have picked your theme, it will be time to create your menu. Sit down with your child and go over his/or favorite foods and then create a menu surrounding your theme. For example, for a child who is addicted to American Idol, you can turn his favorite chicken tenders, potato wedges and fudge brownies into “jamming chicken”, “spotlight popping potatoes” and “star studded brownies”. Creating just the menu can be loads of fun.

Send out your invitations early and make sure that the parents do receive the invitation and not just stuffed in a book bag. Request a small group, about 10 children to be able to maneuver safely around the kitchen and be able to faultless your meal in the time frame allotted. Regularly about one and a half hours is sufficient time to faultless your party. If there is baking time involved, the kids can all play games or decorate chef hats, learn to fold napkins or draw on a plain tablecloth.

A cooking oriented birthday party can be very rewarding for you and your children as well as the birthday “guests” who get to take home their “finished product” to proudly show off to their parents. Who knows? An aspiring chef could be in the works.

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