Some important tips – How to be your child's friends and parents

Children growing and participation in family activities, parent-child lines of authority seem to blur. A child from a very early age has an opinion and expects that its decisions will be counted. wants to be a parent, "friendly" to her child, but will not be compromised his parental authority. What is the right balance?

I would say that the right balance varies from family to family. Here are some guidelines, how can we try hard to reachResult:

Communicate with your child: Listen to what your child says. Let the child feels good to share information and feelings of parents. A parent must be patient and not judgmental to do so. This helps the child to interact freely.

Be firm in enforcing the rules: it is easy to say "yes", but hard to say for the parents, "no." All we are afraid of tears, the mocking and the fault of the language, if we refuse to ask for something for our children. Remember, this is nota popularity contest, and your children need to learn that they are in a family of rules for all. Be strong, no matter how unpleasant it may seem to you.

Building trust: Encourage your child about his daily routine to talk to you. Find out who your child's friends are in school. What he likes? What are your favorite pastimes and trying to include in its entertainment activities and games. This promotes the bond between parent and child.

Keep your child's safety and securitySense: Always remember that a parent to ensure your primary responsibility for the safety of your child. Do not let your child indulge in activities that endanger its security, no matter what your child is forcing you.

Make sure that the rules are fair: Make sure they are not too strict in setting the rules for your child. The rules are fair and logical. This ensures that the child would not be angry about the unjust rigor or discipline.

Encourage independenceChild: Allow your child to explore, make decisions and do things on his own. This will enable you to develop a holistic personality, not afraid to try new challenges. As a parent, you can not around to all his children to fight battles. Create sent him with the wisdom and the means to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Discipline is important: Teach your children the importance of following rules at home, at school or outside the home. Let your love makes you blindanything that asks you to do. Remember, discipline teaches a child becoming an adult more adaptable.

The rules must be clear and consistent: Make sure your child understands the rules clearly. Make sure that the rules are applied in the same way every time. This makes it easier for the child to understand them and Acceptance of execution is therefore easier.

It 'so important that parents act the fine line between a friend and a parent with care. It 'important andcertainly be desirable to be friends with our children. But we as parents have a greater role in teaching them the importance of discipline and following rules. Sometimes they can tantrums or angry, but when you make the correct and consistent, the meaning would be understood before then.

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