breakfast – How is it connected to Child’s Learning?

Breakfast is determined to be the most prominent meal of the day. Every mom asks her child to have a healthy breakfast. A nutritious breakfast is a great way to start the day. Why so much emphasis on breakfast? Read on to find yourself.

Children, generally, sleep early. When they get up the next morning, their body needs to get enough nutrition to break fee from the long hours of fast. A nutritional breakfast not only gives compel to the body, it also energizes the brain of children. An alert brain, in turn, would allow your child to be attentive in class, and understand the concepts taught by the school teacher.

Studies have shown that children who skip breakfast tend to show low self-confidence, lack of concentration, and laziness. Attentiveness span of kids who don’t eat their breakfast also reduces considerably over a period of time. Irritability (mood swings) and restlessness are also some of the immediate consequences of a skipping breakfast.

It might surprise you but not having breakfast is a major cause of obesity. How? When a child does not eat his breakfast, he starts feeling hungry while the day. As a follow of this, he might overeat. Overeating might also involve consumption of calorie-rich food, especially junk food. This can directly follow in weight gain, and hence, obesity.

Breakfast is prominent for retention the metabolism in right working condition. Now that you know that breakfast is vital for your child’s health, and growth, we must also talk about the right kind of breakfast. Many people believe that a nutritious breakfast is often expensive. This is any way far from being true.

Nutritional Breakfast

Fresh fruit juice is one of best things that should be an valuable part of your child’s breakfast. Fruits can also be included. In fact, fruits are great than fruit juice as they also consist of a lot of fiber. Whole grains and milk should also be included in the breakfast. Items rich in fat should be avoided. For example, butter and high-fat cheese would not contribute healthy fat to children. A balanced breakfast should be rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, minerals.

Working parents have a dinky mystery finding time to cook their children a healthy breakfast. This can be taken care of by following the tips mentioned below.

Waking up a dinky early
making the breakfast preparations a day in advance, preferably the old night.
Eggs come handy when you have dinky time to make breakfast


Avoid serving food that has lot of sugar in it. Pastry, cakes, muffins, and jam are some of the things that should be kept away. Try to avoid a lot of processed items in the breakfast. Whole grains are always better. Brown bread should be preferred over white bread.

Parents should make it a point to consist of breakfast in their disposition so that their children also follow the same. Remember, a healthy breakfast will keep your child active and strong. Serve your child a nutritious breakfast and see him excel at studies and sports!

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