Ways to heighten Your Child’s Pronunciation – Tips For Parents

Some children find it difficult to speak clearly, especially if they are learning a second language. This report offers some tips to help them improve.

What are the ways I can help my child enhance their pronunciation?

1) Listening Reps – By listening to the spoton pronunciation and repeating over and over the child will learn the spoton way to say the word or phrase. Buy some pronunciation cds for them to listen to or have them repeat things you say.

2) revising – When you hear them say a word incorrectly, interpret to them what they are doing wrong and help them say it correctly. Be aware they may feel sensitive to annotation so spoton them in a diplomatic and light manner.

3) Tongue Twisters – Children love learning through fun. Tongue twisters are enjoyable and you can turn it into a game, finding who can repeat the phrase the most times without development a mistake.

4) clear reinforcement – Children acknowledge well to praise. If you consideration their pronunciation enhancing praise them and if they reach a target you set give them a reward.

5) Exposure – By being in an environment where they are exposed to the spoton pronunciation the child will pick up the spoton way to say the words. Encourage them to listen considered and try to remember how words are spoken.

6) Radio – Listening to the radio is a great way to hear the language spoken. The radio is available all the time and so the child can tune in when they have time.

7) Songs – Singing is an enjoyable pastime and can enhance listening skills that will advantage the child’s pronunciation.

8) Phonics -Learning the spoton sounds of the letters and letter blends will help a child know how a word is spoken. When they read a word they are not familiar with they will have an idea about how to enunciate it correctly.

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