Effective parent child communication

Are you communicating effectively with your child? Do you know how to make him/her feel about him/herself?

Research suggests that the single most important thing that parents could do with their child is to effectively communicate with him/her.

Effective communication is based on an exchange of thoughts in a nonthreatening manner. Thus, if a parent communicates effectively with his/her child, (s)he must allow the child to disclose her feelings and emotions in a safe and secure Way.

Here are some ways you can communicate effectively with your child, you can:

1. Treat your child does not cry respectfully raise his voice or his name or his name. If you yell at your child (s) he may think you do not love them unconditionally. Screaming can hinder open and honest communication with your child.

2. Think of your child through active listening, understanding of him / her. Dedicate your full attention on the debate at hand. You canTurn on the TV or cooking and give the child your full attention.

3. Be as compassionate as possible when communicating with your child, even if you think that (s) takes a wrong decision. The empathy you show your child that you really care for them and that you are truly on their side.

4. Resist negative criticism and disapproval of the whole entire time. Praise your child as much as possible. negative criticism can give your child an inferiority complexThe time and makes it critical of himself. This can lead to many serious problems later on how to reach the pressure above.

5. Negotiate as much as possible with your child. If the child does not want to do what you think is in their interest, it is important to them on their way once in a while to do. However, not to give her all the time. Try to make and a balance.

6. Be open to discuss how the child feels on a consistent basis, spendingTime with your child. You might want to spend half an hour after dinner every evening to talk with your child. The child may have some views on different things happening. Try not to all their opinions, but only to criticize some of the most important.

7. Try honestly to open lines of communication with the child in a manner consistent with the discussion of options in a friendly manner and not heard. You may want to allow the child to think about different practices in someSituations.

8. Practice empathic and honest communication methods as often as possible. Try not too many documents in the communication, because every time there is a note to send your child the wrong message.

Effective communication can be difficult to achieve at first. But with patience and hard work can make a habit of good communication in your child. You will be very glad you did.

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