Single Parent Family Statistics – The increase of single parents

Over time, the number of single parents living in the United States has grown. Between 1970 and 1996 the number of children in two parent companies fell from 85 percent to 68 percent. In 2005, statistics show that only one parent of these 84% of custodial parents are mothers, while fathers are the remaining 16% of single custodial parents. Of these mothers and fathers, the reason for the situation differs very dramatic. 44% of individualsThe mothers were divorced and 33 percent had never married. 22% of them had remarried, and 1% were widows. 79% of these mothers were in employment, income for families. 50 per cent of working mothers worked full-time and part-time 29%. Of these, 27.7% lead-parent families were living below the poverty line.

The statistics from single parent families in 2005 showed that parent-lead, 57 percent of them were divorced and 18 percent nevermarried. 24% had remarried and 1 percent were widowed. 92% of single fathers earn an income for his family, with 74 per cent work full time and part-time 18%, with only 11 percent of these families live below the poverty line.

Single parent statistics from 2005 showed that 31.1% of all single parents receive some form of public support, with only 6% of cash benefits. 37.7 percent of sentences were custodial mothers over the age of 40,and 56 percent of them were raising a child, while 44% had two or more children in their care.

The increase in single parent goes beyond the U.S.. According to British statistics, the number of families with two parents 38% of the total population, only 23% between the years 1961 and 2001. 80% of all children lived in two parent families and 20 percent with one. Of this 20 percent, 18% lived with single mothers, and only 2Percentage living in a single parent budget. In an analysis of data from the British household panel survey, with 40% of all women to spend time as a single parent. increases with the number of single parents, it is estimated that 35% of the population will consist of single-parent families.

A summary is that you can run in families with one parent, with three out of four of these single mothers. Being a single parent family statistics continueA rise we can not help but wonder what the future holds for terms such as family and the sanctity …

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