The importance of Books in Early studying

As a child, when you were growing up, do you remember the big books with the lovely colorful pictures, like a big ball or a red apple? I do. Over the years, researchers in child improvement have come to the end that the first few years in a child’s life, in the middle of 1 to 5 years old, are very intellectually formative years.

These are the years where their desire to learn and come to be good learners is founded and paved. Their imagination, curiosity and hunger to learn are fed with colors, pictures, and sounds, and this enables them to grasp things more quickly. From pictures, they go on to 3 letter words, then to short stories and later on to books.

Years back, when we were young, children went to school at age 5, but today they go to school as young as 1.5yrs. Why? Because we have realized that these years lay the foundation for good language and communicational skills in later years. What starts off as a easy bedtime story, later translates into that same child wanting to read the book that the parents have been reading.

Parents need to encourage their children from a very young age, as it also builds up belief in themselves. eye how proud they feel when they learn how to read. Even in the field of phonetics, which becomes prominent as they are growing up to identify alphabets and their sounds, it is that regular reading habit that introduces them to the world of sound. Children are able to grasp words even best and learn to read even faster, when their phonetics are good.

Along with books, try new and innovative techniques like using visuals and headphones, as this can get them very excited. Make it exciting, challenging, and yet fun, for your kids. It has to be like a game that they are playing. Fun!

Children have brains that are very sponge-like, they tend to eye things colse to them and digest the same very quickly. If they are surrounded by books from an early age, instead of the idiot box, they heighten on many other skills, which may not be very noticeable when they are small. But when they start growing up, you perceive that their motor skills, verbal skills and their way of expressing themselves get best and better. Books act like inspirational bricks, in building an enthralling human being.

All parents must be very single about introducing their children to the world of books. This is when they perceive that they could not have given their children any greater gift. And when their kids are grown up, they will be very grateful to their parents for introducing them to the world of books.

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