Presentation of the one-child rearing book a parent should never

Are you a parent? potential parents? Expected parents? Have you ever read parenting books only to the fact that you do not have a parent and still have the freedom to celebrate? If so, go to my new book is in love, boys, you can count on.

Children can count on is guaranteed to raise perfect children so effortlessly. How can such a statement, without biting his lower lip until the blood comes out? Easy! Any technique that I used my three beloved children to raise hell,Listed happy, kind and good, not in the book. Why? Since none of the techniques work. the behavior of my children I was drinking Maalox by industrial container sizes – but the important thing is now I know what went wrong! Now I understand! And that is what in the book. Why suffer years of frustration parenting by trial and error, if I have already done the suffering for you?

Here are some examples of insights and real life examples from the book, guaranteed to saveTime, reduce stress and most importantly – increase the kind of kid that you admit you when you are questioned by the police!

What I learned about teaching respect for adults:
Let your child for an adult name. Why? For from the beginning of a child you think your name two days later, she is convinced she is your boss and four days later, are you sure that you are your boss. Here is aExtract from a conversation between my 44 year old babysitter, Katherine, and my three year old daughter Annie, who had been invited to Katherine to call for first name.

Katherine: Annie, honey, it's time for your nap.

Annie: I am not tired, Kathy, but thanks for your concern. Would you love me and another juice box?

How to solve the problem so that no one asks your child with his name again? See page 43!

The right way to communicate with theChild:
military philosophy is "Do not ask. Do not say, but for parents and children should be" Do not ask. Tell! " What happens if you stop your children make choices? You can get your life, that is! Here's an excerpt from a discussion between the school lunch, my children and my wife – not before we knew better:

Mother: What would you like for breakfast?

Annie: eggs and bacon.

Jim: pancakes with sausage.
Cathy: oatmeal.

Mother: No time.They all took showers thirty minutes. How about cereal or toast?

Annie: I want bacon and eggs.

Jim: If you do with pancakes and then does not stop there.

Catherine: cereal and toast!

Mother: Let me see what I can do.

A smart lawyer never asks a question in a classroom without knowing the answer. Interviews with children should not be treated differently. Here's an excerpt from a school breakfast conversation between my wife and children after readingChapter 6, as saying, "I say it just once" and Mean It:

Mother: What would you like for breakfast this morning? I'll give you a hint. E 'Corn Flakes and you have ten minutes with the meal ready.

Need a handy reference for the exchange of outstanding issues with common phrases imperative of saving time? Look no further than page 119!

Television: Friend or Foe?
For years we let our children watch television, until one day when my wife and I were thrown down aStairs together, maintaining an injury coma induction. While we lay in a tangled heap on the floor, he saw television for our children until the power company switched off electricity. Our lifeless bodies were finally panicked for our children, despite their harrowing ordeal that he had the presence of mind to call our neighbors and ask politely if they could Clock TV discovered in his home.

Do not wait for a coma Wake up your kids spend a lot of gettingmuch time watching TV.

TV trouble in your house? Apply to plant in chapter 9, Couch Potatoes includes simple two-step program for turning off the TV and turn on your children … work for the simple pleasures of the bone yard work!

How to kill Goliath Birthday Party
I knew our birthdays were always out of line if one of the Tiger, I do not remember now if Siegfried and Roy, my crashedMother-in-law during our daughter's first birthday party Cathy. Fortunately, Cathy was not traumatized by the event, since he could not wake up from its NAP to fifteen minutes after the 224 closest friends and relatives from home. While there is no such thing as debtor's prison and more than my wife and I were so deeply in our shop ankle of children's birthday bash, the parliament has discussed briefly open a debtor's prison room just for us. Children can count on showIt's like adios to the $ 10,000 birthday party backing vocals with Willie Nelson and say hello to $ 30 pizza party!

There can be no smores Emeril Lagasse fly in for the weekend? Turn II, simple dishes you can cook yourself installation.

Testimonials Keep pouring!
Here's what parents, the children may depend to say after reading my book:

"As with the techniques described in the book, the behavior of my children is to stop all the friends that have improved the street to ask,if you have accepted it. "- Terry K FL, Orlando,.

"My wife and I have changed the time savings," Do not ask. Say it! "The philosophy and the resulting peace is so rewarding, we have the philosophy a step further to our children brought forward any questions to us in writing. Who could not believe a house with five children, be as quiet as a monastery? "- Eddie Jondo NE, Lincoln,

be to offer you'd go crazy!
I'm so convinced that children You CanCount On is the book you need to meet your children in line, I have raised the price of $ 29.99 to $ 39.99. Order today, and I'm in my award-winning brochure for children, "You are the reason why Father Christmas come this year." Operators are standing by …

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