In Ohio, a child may choose to live Which parent?

This is one of the most common myths that people have fun when it comes to child custody, once a child reaches a certain age, the child decide which parent to live, right? Well, this is incorrect. However, this myth in history and rooted in the truth. Under the old Ohio law, once a child reaches the age of 12 years, Ohio child support termination of this child had the power to choose which parent was used as a guardian of life and legal parentthe child. But under the current legislation in Ohio, young children no longer have to choose which parent they want to live forever. In other words, if the court's final decree of divorce, which is one of the other rights of parents and the issues of responsibility, not the child's parents is to be the residential parent, even if the child is a teenager determined. Ohio law treated a 14-year-old in the same way as a 4-year-old when it comes toDetermining which parent the residential parent to be named.

And, like almost all the problems associated with young children, to determine what led to the "best interest of the child."

So parents, remember that your child does not election or against you when it comes to issues of custody. Rather, the court will decide, and you must convince the judge that your energy, attention in the best interest of the child to live with you … dodoes not convince the child that he or she should work to choose. What really is not fair to the child anyway.

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