dates Wyoming custody and access – the laws on the best interests of the child

The laws of Wyoming custody are in Chapter 20 of Title 20 of Wyoming Statutes Annotated. The most important law of the statutes relating to the custody of the children is the law that every decision must be explained in regard to custody in the best interest of the child. This is particularly true for parents of custody and access rights to create programs. The calendar will be keeping the best interest of the child at the center or the Court does not accept it. For parentsbest plan, the law provides a list of factors to keep in mind their parents. These factors influence the child's best interests and should be considered, as is the visit program. Here are some of the most important factors of the law.

1. The quality of the relationship the child has with each parent. The first thing parents should consider when a program is keeping the current report, the child's parents. Thisusually determines which parent primary custody. If your child has a strong relationship with both parents, may be a program of joint custody, the best option. If your child has a strong relationship with one parent, usually the parents custody. Parents should then plan a visit the other parent can build a better relationship with the child.

2. Put the ability of each parent to care adequately for the child and the responsibility of each parent. Chapter 20said that the housing situation in a way that family allowances should be dissolved. It 's definitely in the best interest of the child in an environment where parents care for the child to live. If a parent is not competent or able to provide adequate care, the parents do not have custody of the child care. determine the timing of visits, the child is safe just to be with the parent – perhaps with short, frequent visits.

3. As every parent and child can betterMaintain a close relationship. E 'in the best interest of the child have a strong positive relationship with both parents. The mother and father should have custody of a program that allows significant time for each parent, care for the child and to build a good relationship with both parents.

4. The geographic distance between parents at home. These practical considerations relating to expectations and the timing of the visit. Parents should be realistic view of the feasibility of the visits.If the parents live nearby, visits become more frequent and shorter. If the parents live far from each other, it might be better to have a program that has the most traffic and less frequently.

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