ADHD Child violence – 5 Strategies for Parents

ADHD child can leave the family violence and especially the sisters who have witnessed violence, deaf and helpless. ADHD violent behavior can be many types of cries, take insults, destruction of homes, threatening siblings and parents, beat and hitting other children.

The first strategy to become familiar with the ADHD child violence clearly that there is no excuse or justification for the bullying, abuse or violence in your home. The stick is the bottom line and both parentsa. This is crucial because the families, where children receive about one parent, and also to avoid the punishment, while the other parent, should be to get to it when they misbehave can know know. Do the good cop, bad cop parents at all times.

The second strategy is to make the punishment of the crime and not the child. You know what the bottom line and they must also deal with the consequences of their behavior. Focus on behavior, rather than the child feelthat has punished or grounded. If you get a chance, try to analyze him, because this behavior unacceptable and do everything possible to avoid a repetition.

The third strategy to address violence ADHD child is to get rid of all violent media in the home. This includes video games and no music, TV shows that glorify violence. It is only necessary for the child that he is unable to deal with it and must declare an influence on their behavior. The evidence is overwhelmingand are aggressive and violent behavior to put these games here.

The fourth strategy in dealing with violence ADHD children is to try to talk with the child or adolescent in a quiet moment and ask what you hear when these crises of explosions of anger or violence. Ask him what he angry because we are here to do mainly with anger management. Try role-play a situation with him, if he wants to explode and then swap roles, so that it is on the wrong side! Teach him to do a little 'deep breathing to calm him down. This is a method recommended by Naomi Drew is a world expert on education and conflict resolution. She has written extensively on the conflicts and violence in the home child ADHD.

The fifth strategy to meet with behavioral therapy and ADHD find a course that suits you. No need to spend hundreds of dollars both in counseling or other therapies. You can do this from home, and I know that some parents have shared the cost for a course. You canalso know which drug could help your child. I know it will help a homeopathic remedy to calm an ADHD child or adolescent and there are no side effects and is a great resource to help deal with violent behavior, ADHD. It will not teach him to behave, I'm afraid!

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