Child Support – when a parent pays more, what can you do?

If a child support order is issued, it is expected that the parent who has to pay will make these payments on time and in full. Often there is grumbling that accompanies it, but what happens if parents do not pay the penalty, or pay more? If you go to court, you already have an order not to follow. Where can I do?

If consensus has not been formalized, and then you want a motion and head to the files. If the contract was aformal court order, will still want to return to court. But in both cases you want to apply for the award of a salary. This means that the burden of payment to move from parent to the employer of the parents.

Now that the employer must ensure that the support funds from any check, in most cases to keep the situation will improve considerably. In the rare cases where the employer is friendly with the other parent may still be problems. Well, you have to ask there.It turns out that when child support is not paid by the payroll deductions, the employer is personally liable for all claims. That's right. They are responsible for any unpaid support that load. This is usually crush the friendship enough to ensure that you get paid. Finally, they were trying to help a friend in a bad place, but are not ready, they exchange places.

It is a further step to complete this process. Once theTo have in hand, you can head over your equivalent jurisdictions Child support and open a case. Need a job in hand and fill out some documents for you. It may be 4-6 weeks to open their homes to be completed but in your head on the assignment of wages.

Now, as a vague threat of the former does not pay child support, or will become a distant memory. You can about other issues that require your attention and stop worrying about the concerns of control is ex-to try to impose.

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