Father-son relationship

A father-son relationship is the most precious and special bond that forms during their life. Many couples do not value this relationship, until you step into this wonderful relationship. Not surprisingly, students of child development places great emphasis on parent-child relationship dedicated to understanding how it develops and functions over the lifespan.

A baby cries, a parent is feeding a child is short, hug your parents.Day after day, night after night, mothers and fathers to feed, wash burp, change clothes and keep their children. grow from them, the feelings and interactions of expectations. The child feels desperate and hungry, then satisfied, the parents feel tenderness, joy, anger, fatigue, joy. Gradually, the child begins to expect that their parents will take care of her when she cries. Gradually, parents respond to and even anticipate the needs of their child. These elements form the basis for the developmentReports, a combination of behaviors, interactions, feelings and expectations that are only one parent in particular and a particular child. Today, once a child grows you begin to hear, because the environment they are put fade. They are busy with their friends and other activities. Difficult to spend time with their parents, have spent sleepless nights as they grow, without complaint.

Sometimes I wonder, is responsible for this change? I thinkWe can not just blame a child for this. Parents are equally responsible for it. While growing up, starting, has led to some activities that might be interested. Unnecessary restrictions imposed on the gap between the two, what we sometimes refer to the lack of communication brings. Child does not want things to their parents for granted that they will not understand, share their perspective on things.

Begin to speak freely and try to understand better. Thisis the most beautiful relationship that God has given us.

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