Anger management and child

One of the most difficult parents job is to deal with an angry child. The parents feel frustration, fatigue, fear and anger are.

As children we were taught that anger is bad, avoid at all costs. We must teach our children that anger is acceptable. Children need to be able to feel all their feelings.

Parents and children are often involved in a fight. Both may feel cornered. Neither wants to give in or lose face. Once the parents and the child enterscomparison mode is a loss of income.

We have to handle temper tantrums and anger to the channel outlets acceptable.

It 's normal to feel anger. As adults, there are many things that you feel the anger is caused by: Being out in traffic, broken relationships, a coincidence that our debt is cut, lose or miss a key or the feeling of helplessness that we are dealing with our child anger.

Children also have many triggers that can cause anger, a sense ofDependence of us can cause problems, again for something they did not know calls teased the guilt or bullied at school or at school.

There is a difference between anger and aggression. Anger is a temporary emotional state, aggression most often causes an injury to another person or to property.

We must recognize that both emotions, anger and aggression normal human feelings. As parents, we must recognize if the can is normal or is emotionallyand any professional help.

Okay, so what are we doing to do with a very angry child?

Try to get to the root of the problem was the rage
Reach out to the child and the child protection are our goals
Praise your child each day for good behavior and good choice, as often as possible.
Choose your battles ignore some inappropriate behavior. Spending time and energy to the behaviors that need corrections and changes.
Yes, I know that the child scream and shout andmiserable life and you, as parents, will be almost everything to restore peace in the family. If we want to respond to the cries, it actually reinforces the behavior. The next time your child will only grow louder for the reply.
Say yes as often as possible. "NO" Save for the times that the breaking can not be tolerated. Consistency is important, it means No. No, all the time. Be sure that your expectations and the consequences of breaking the limit has made absolutely clear. Let the childknow the reason behind the boundaries that you set.
Given the child's physical outlets that are acceptable.
Hugs often widespread anger.
Pay attention to what your child likes and dislikes.
Humor and laughter are great ways to calm a child or an adult down. But beware that humor is good-natured and deeply wounded son

Lessons taught your child to face his anger, your child's ability to give success in life.

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